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Latest non stable Release

Wed Mar 21 16:25:21 UTC 201

Version 0.2.7 Build 18.1 Revision r205:

The Nigt Build RPM repositories:

To take binary setup files or download last sources you can use the openSUSE Build Service repository. You can see this page in openSUSE Build Service.


Translate Clipsaver to Users Languages

If you want help as you can translate Clipsaver to your language. Please download the latest sources and see the folder /po. Take file ru.po as example. Send us your translation and we'll add it to the next release. Send us you Name, email, city and country and will add you as translator to our credit list in the clipsaver's about window.



You can make a donation and get listed on the Clipsaver Donors page.

KSduino device network

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