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Fri Apr 08 03:41:44 +0300 2011

Version 0.2.5

Related issues:

Bug #66: clipsaver: Bug with collapsing main window.
Bug #92: Bug with About window
Bug #100: clipsaver: Wrong position of the Main window after some time of work with Clipsaver.
Bug #104: clipsaver: Wrong delay at "Hide window when focus is lost"
Bug #105: clipsaver: Program crush when Open an Database
Bug #111: clipsaver: Main windows size not saved
Bug #112: clipsaver: When main window shows after it was minimiz it shows as minimized (does't shows at the screen)
Bug #116: clipsaver: The position and size of Main Window don't save when exit from program
Bug #119: clipsaver: Options and database not save after installing from RPM.
Bug #120: clipsaver: Segmentation fault after clicking on button "Context menu" on keyboard.
Bug #126: edit: The OK button don't work properly:
Bug #127: clipsaver: Bug with option "Hide window when minimize" on KDE after new clipsaver starting
Bug #128: clipsaver: After starting Clipsaver from program menu, cursor is in waiting state too long.
Bug #130: edit: When you edit Clip and Save it - then the clipboard contain old value but should contain new.
Feature #62: repo: Add the Clipsaver to the Gnome Main Menu when the program setup from the repository or make
Feature #108: clipsaver: Adding Auto save option
Feature #109: clipsaver: Add message before Quit the application
Feature #113: clipsaver: When focus is lost but main window is shown, and press TryIcon or ShowHistory or New Clipsaver was Called, than the windows should get focus, but now it hides

Wed Mar 23 00:23:05 UTC 2011

Version 0.2.1

Related issues:

Bug #60: clipsaver: The old clipsaver window has wrong position when called new clipsaver
Bug #72: Who does much ERRORS in the terminal window like this: "GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_value_unset: ...
Bug #76: The other one Bug us #72: Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_event: assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_...
Feature #1: edit: Add SaveAs... button
Feature #3: list: Multiline Delete
Feature #21: clipsaver: Save and Restore position of the main window
Feature #26: list: Create automatically remove the duplicate records
Feature #27: label: Make the label not centered, but left aligned
Feature #29: list: Add popup's menu items: Move Up, Move Down
Feature #31: list: The popup menu should not be shows at the free place of screen, only at the records
Feature #32: options: Create the Options Window
Feature #33: list: Add HotKeys to the list
Feature #45: repo: Create rpm for the Ubuntu (and Debian)
Feature #53: clipsaver: The program should be run only one time on the desktop
Feature #54: clipsaver: Hide the application when focus is lost
Feature #58: clipsaver: Add this items: Open, Save, SaveAs..., Clear All Histoy to the TryIcons PopUp Menu
Feature #64: list: The lists tooltips are generated automatically so it looks not nice with the \n symbol
Feature #71: clipsaver: New Section with information about the program
Feature #77: clipsaver: When we call new Clipsaver and the clipsaver's window is opened it should be hide
Feature #79: edit: If text of the edit window was changed and the Cancel or Close button is pressed then user should ...
Feature #81: label: lTrim text befor add it to Label
Feature #86: clipsaver: Rename Exit button to Quit
Feature #87: clipsaver: Set the default size to all message dialog boxes.
Feature #89: clipsaver: Add Tooltips to buttuns in all projects windows

Fri Feb 25 17:50:38 +0300  2011

Version 0.1.1

The first version of clipsaver was released

Sat Feb 05 17:30:28 +0300 2011

The development of Clipsaver was started

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